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We had an assignment of reading Chapter 7 from the eBook - "Betting On Yourself".  Many Leaders Only List members responded with their input. Here are the jewels of information they discovered in this lost treasure.

Michael Dlouhy Writes

Michael  will share his learning on the call.

Mark Stephenson Writes

I don't know that I had any what I would call "AHA" moments in this chapter. What I do know is that almost every word in this chapter reaffirmed to me that I am at the right place in Mentoring for Free. I admit that I am a work in progress, but the important thing is that there is progress. I have been in Mentoring for Free for about 10 months now, and I am learning a lot about HOW to think. I am seeing progress in my business because of it, and I know that if I stay close to the fire here, and refine the skills and habits that are necessary to succeed, that success is right around the corner. One year from now (perhaps less) my life will be totally different than it is now. It is already very different than it was 10 months ago.

Brian Martin Staunfeldt Writes

Use 'what you love to do' in your business. You will for the most keep on doing what you love to do, if you put 'what you love to do' into your business you have a key ingredient persistence. Be critical! Your mind may be telling you lies. Your mind sometimes tell you lies that you per sieve as truth. Listen and be critical, it might just be a word phrase that you picked up somewhere, something that is actually not true.

Every time something is holding you back, then go one step further. When you start to feel uncomfortable then go on step further. If you do this your unease will disappear, because there will no longer be room for your fear. Try it, if you don't belief me, if you dare.

When I play the lotteries I expect to win the grand prize every time. I never do and think I am a failure. How many people do the same... Lets stop the lotteries. Lets stop punishing our self because of something that is not inside our control. Lets focus and learn about things that are inside our control.

As far as getting rich quick is concerned - forget it! It's a loser's game. As far as losing weight quick is concerned - forget it! It's a gainer's game. Break your goal into 'manageable' pieces. As small as YOU need it to be.

Douglas Delavan Writes

The first aha is the fact that most of do not realize the fact we are encompased by a poverty mindset meaning it is our thought that determine our ability to be winners as long as we take action. Second, if we work harder than ever and have a burning dersire to think we deserve to be rich and live the life we truly deserve than as long as we break our goals down in manageable steps we can get there. From the great Jim Rohn we must be determined to work harder on ourselves. If we can do that than we can excel and overcome any obsticles.

Stefanie Sanspree Writes

The first point from this chapter is that anyone can become a Millionaire or more. Everyone is given obstacles and things in life. We can take these obstacles and turn them into opportunites. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. This is what separates a rich person from a poor person. It is all in the state of mind. This gives me hope because I was not raised into money BUT I can create wealth through my self belief.
Also we have to be willing to put in the work. Our society believes in instant gratification. Think of the microwave, it heats up your food instantly! Think of all the Cash Advance stores in town, get the money, pay it back later. Being in business we have to learn to be patient and put in the time to invest in ourselves and others. This is also good because you know what your hard work has created and you can be thankful for what you've accomplished.

Carol Edwards Writes

As a learning Winner, worthyness is something that I have to work on in my self-development. It is part of my growth and something I had never given any thought until these past few months. I was unaware of the condition of my state of mind, but my eyes are now wide open and I am relearning every day. As I learn to accept the positive thoughts into my new life I am unlearning the negative. Although, I do still have negative people in my life I am choosing to be around them less often. It is difficult to move away from family; but, it is more difficult to stay around the negative crap, especially when you learn to see it and not accept as true; instead of just expecting and accepting it. I have learned to live with less this past year financially, but because I am growing mentally and spiritually I am moving away from having a lack attitude. Does that make sense? I may not be where I want financially but my thoughts do not have to show I have a lack mentallity. I am learning to be happy first with my self and my new life. My financially status is only temporary and my thoughts are permanent and I will not let my thoughts overtake my mind and live in lack; my new life is about change! 1. Do I WANT to be rich? - Definitely 2. Do I DESERVE to be rich?  Probably 3. Do I BELIEVE I can be rich- YES!.

Jessica Prince Writes

I liked how Dr. Anthony points out that getting rich only takes one small step at a time. Thanks to Mentoring For Free, we know what all those little steps are. In the past I have had the tendency to think about everything that needs to be done at once, and become overwhelmed. (And do nothing.) I will focus on the task at hand, do just that one little thing well and I will get there!

Leroy Whitekiller Writes

My #1 aha is that I am a loser, at least I think like one. This is a good thing to know though, and now I have a starting point. As I read this I realized my thoughts have always been thoughts of poverty. Now I can begin the process of changing my thoughts and focusing on learning the skills and behaviors I need to acquire my riches. I can stop buying those lottery tickets and waiting for Angelina and Brad to adopt me.

Aha #2, I have the responsibility of learning and applying the right combination of skills to achieve whatever I desire.

Sylvia Buetow Writes

This chapter reminds me of my grandmother's advice.  She was teaching me to importance of learning or education.  She said if there is a war or disaster, the only things you may be able to take with you is what is in your mind.

So all my life I have kept on learning. Also, I have always had the thought, if everyone lost everything they had and were equal, the millionaires would soon become millionaires again because they know how to do it. With those two ideas, no misfortune will never discourage you.

Chuck Fry Writes

The book says we need to find something we like to do so much, we would do it even if we didn't get paid for it.  I totally love what I am doing.  I've been in and out of network marketing since 1980.  I've known, from the beginning, that this is the industry for me.  I love the idea of helping others and at the same time, becoming financially independent myself.

I am grateful to have stumbled across Mentoring For Free.  While reading 'Success In 10 Steps,' I suddenly got the feeling that I had arrived home at last.  I am totally behind the Mentoring For Free system.  I will do it even if I don't get pay from it.  It's just the right thing to do.

I believe in the quote, 'If you help enough people to get what they want, you will get what you want.'  That is my complete focus.  I help others get what they want.  Period.

Lawrence Bergfeld  Writes

The Problem With Many People These Days is that they subconciously do not think they deserve that they want to be rich. You have to want to make a profit by serving more people. Of course your aim is to make lots of money here but if you are attached to the outcome people run. Here in this business the better your relationships along with what you say and what you do about the products and the opportunity will get you a financial success. You have to have fun doing this business just like any other business.
You must STOP hanging around the wrong crowd or else they will disturub your success. End Of Story.

Loddy Micucci Writes

As a Winner, you deserve to be rich. One of your primary goals should be financial satisfaction and independence. Financial satisfaction enables you to enjoy what money you already have, even as you strive for financial independence.  This statement really resonates with me, how often do you see so called rich people tied to their work and scrounging around. I am glad that this journey enables you to feel good about achieving financial independence. It already feels like that its a place I want to belong in.  This is coming from a place that I was unknowingly for my entire life and perhaps even before I was born? I am constantly reminded how poverty is like a mental sentence.  Mindset plays a huge factor in your ability to escape this mental sentence. The power of positive thoughts and living in the now ,as you do your self talk are all designed to bring about the mindset of success.  It is important to think like a winner and undo generations of  brain washing. The brain washing unknowingly bestowed upon you by  the loving people around you who picked up their brain washing from the loving people around them and so on. It seems to be way deep inside you and it imprisons your creative ability to make positive changes. What's more, if you happen to rebel or try something new, then this is met with disdain. How dare you try and break the mold and this makes you an outcast. It's almost like you don't belong anywhere. You are in some kind of exile.

Yet it sounds so easy and practical and the opportunity should be available to everyone. Desire and the passion to really make a difference for your family and their children should be cherished and encouraged. Why are people so scared? Is it jealousy? Is it a fear that they have not had the get up and go to try and do it for themselves? 

I like the practical approach used to earning a million dollars. $38.50 dollars per  week starting when you're young sounds like a plan!  If I think of the amount of money spent on some of the presents my children receive then just on that it would be attainable? It will take a lot of convincing!  Maybe some sort of compromise can be entered into.  The best part is that it comes as a formula that can be applied by anyone looking for riches. This is very similar to chapter two in 'think and grow rich'. You must have the burning desire topped up with passion and a definite plan to attain it.

Paul Pluda Writes

Dr Anthony  states that “ Winners  deserve to be rich” and being rich provides satisfaction And Independence. Rich people enjoy their professions and they would do it as a hobby. If no compensation was provided. Love what you do and never work another day in your life. Winners focus on ideas for profit. Lack creates lack and Abundance creates Abundance. There are misconceptions that rich people are unhappy. What people equate is the love of money makes people unhappy. What resonated with me was that if we face adversity how would we react? His suggestion was to face this situation and come  to terms with it. The suggestion that one can make a million is a mindset and by selling 1000 items at $1000 will make it possible.

Maria Whitehead Writes

I’ve been raised not to have too high expectations of life, not to think too positive, because if it doesn’t turn out that way it’s easier to handle. “You’re better off expecting the worse, because then if it turns out better that’s easier to handle than the other way around” my mum always says, still does, last time I heard it was less than 2 weeks ago.

Well, I’m sorry mum, but I won’t live the way you have with those believes because I can see what it’s done to you. I want to become rich. I deserve to become rich. I believe I can become rich.

I have the desire. It might not always be as burning of a desire as it should be, but I’m getting there. I know I need to go back to being like a child again, believing in those dreams and desires and live them even though they might not be real just yet. I know when I do this that it puts me up on a higher level, it’s like I’m vibrating and sending out this energy and it is and will continue to attract the right people to me.

It won’t happen overnight, I know that and that’s fine, I don’t even want it too. It’s a learning process and I need to grow with it as a person. I need to do those activities every day that will help me reach my desires. Those activities might not look like a lot today, but compounded over time, man, it will make a huge difference!

Margaret Wilson Writes

After reading the Chapter, I was able to incorporate immediately the teachings that we are programmed for Immediate Gratification and What's the Worst That Could Happen in a situation with a 15 year old relative.  As we all know . . . teenagers have to have questions awnsered immediately (Immediate Gratification) on if they are going to have permission to go somewhere. Well, she wanted to know if she was going to be able to go to a wedding on a school day. This was to happen 4 days from the day she was asking. She had to know THAT DAY!! I asked her what's the worst that could happen if you get an awnser tommarrow? She said I don't know. I said "Will  you die"? She gave me the strangest look. I replied with "You're not going to die if you find out tomarrow, there is your awnser for today."  Needless to say, she wasn't pleased.
I also learned you can be broke without being poor, IF your state of mind is correct. I look forward to reading the next chapter. Thank you. 

Frank Larrabee Writes

Being broke is only temporary, while being poor is a state of mind. While it does take time to recoup from being broke, others will always be poor, poor in their state of mind. Doing these readings will always reinforce the richness of mind that we will all receive from these assignments. How do you measure that!?

Jan Willem Khn Writes

I learned that a little NOW is better than a Lot latter. When procrastinating, tomorrow never comes do it now!  Do something that you love to do and not just because you need the money.

Judy  Yazersky Writes

There are two things that stood out in this chapter:

First, I wish someone would have told me the information how to have a million dollars at 65 when I was 25 and not now at 45. I would be a lot better off today, financially.

Second, do I want to be rich-YES, do I deserve to be rich-YES, do I believe I can be rich –YES.

I would switch questions 2 and 3 ,by believing that I can be rich then I will deserve to be rich. I have to "morph" into that person. This is a process which I am going through now. It is a slow process but I am determined to follow the instructions listed in this chapter and everything we are learning in "think and grow rich"  and Mentoring for Free to achieve the goals that I have set for myself and become the person that is rich financially as well as  spiritually deserving to be rich.  Thank you.

Tony Koker Writes

My wife and I discuss this all the time. We marvel at many acquaintances around us who have the "entitlement" mindset. Thinking of the government as our parents, is another trap. We are the owners of our thoughts, actions and life. Pay it forward and the universe pays it back multiple times over.

Alice G. Writes

After reading chapter 7,  I wonder, is poverty really a state of mind? If it is why not try to change it. I can only speak for myself and I have always strived to have more than I had when I was growing up. I can't say that we were poor, we always had food to eat, clothing, shelter but there was no extra money for dance classes, piano lessons or college. I know what it is to walk around with holes in the sole of my shoes and having to wait until there was money to buy me a new pair. I always knew that I wanted more and that was the beginning of my burning desire to become more so that I could have more. I listened to my parents when they told me to get a good education so I could get a good job. I finished four years of college and earned the right to practice nursing. This provided me with a good income until I was forced to retire at age 69. I am not poor but I would like to have more money to do  some of the fun things in life.

I feel the lesson in this chapter is if you were born into a poor environment, you do not have to stay there. You can always change your circumstances by thinking positive constructive thoughts. Of course a few inventive ideas would help if you are so inclined. Start saving some of your money at an early age so you can have a million dollars at retirement age. But most important, don't waste your valuable time and money on get rich quick schemes.  Most of the time you just keep losing money instead of gaining any. I never knew that the lottery was a big scam. According to Dr. Anthony the chance of my winning is 200 million to 1. When you think about it odds like that are astounding but that does not stop people from playing the lottery. I admit to buying one or two lottery tickets myself   on occassion  if I have a few dollars to spare. Who knows, I might get lucky. Wouldn't that be just great?

I am not trying to make a million dollars. I will leave that to those young people who read this book and Napoleon Hill. I think that students in high school would benefit from both these books. As for me, I would  love  to have  2-3 thousand dollars a month for doing the things I like to do. That is why " I am building my own business with the help of Jehova God and my mastermind group as we focus on education and teamwork. As you can see, I know how much money I want, I am persistant in my desire to aquire that much, I am confident that I will be rewarded for my efforts, my determination is very strong and I am willing to pay the price in order to succeed. This will not make me a winner with a million, but it will make me a "winner ".

Josh Engel Writes

WINNING IN in life take time and persistence even when you lose you can’t give up. On yourself can’t allow that you would be the real loser for quitting on yourself.

WINNING dose not come easy you got to over come every obstacle you come across “can’t say to yourself” this is hopeless I can’t do this.

WINNING is attitude that take’s determination.

Bev Bojarski Writes

Chapter 7 spoke to me in so many areas of my Life.  Dr Anthony made me realize how easy it is to obtain my goals by breaking them down into manageable pieces.  He gives a good example of how it would only take 1,000 people buying a product or a service at $1,000 to make One Million Dollars!  My outlook is important to my success, using this method of manageable pieces lets me envision success more readily.

Sally Logan  Writes

My thoughts have always been that if I came into a lot of money I would be able to give most of it away helping others. As long as I had enough to clear the mortgage etc. the rest could go. There was never any thought about putting it aside to give us the financial freedom to do what we like when we like. Is this something to do with not feeling worthy of owning the money?

It is interesting when he says "If you are presently experiencing financial difficulties, it is because you have not yet committed yourself to an idea that will reward you financially." I already have the idea/vehicle by which to achieve great wealth. But I have obviously not yet completely committed to that idea!

Do I deserve to be rich? This is the most difficult question to answer, and after reading No. 3 of Master Formula for Achieving Success - I came to the stumbling block "Keep in mind that there is no reason to feel guilty when you earn a profit from taking risks and actualizing your moneymaking ideas." We are back to the old mindset of feeling guilty about making money from people - always justifying why a product is a particular price.

Karen Guillory  Writes

I have heard myself say that "Rich people have bigger problems" in order to pacify my feeling of the problems I go through; by making myself believe that my problems are little compared to theirs. How would I know this, having never walked in their shoes? Having never lived one day being rich? Sounds like prejudice to me! I just wanted to make myself feel better about not being at the financial level that I wished I were at. This talk and mindset also helped me to pacify my hidden bitterness toward "them."

Now, I am aware of the fact that I deserve to be rich! I do not feel guilty about it! I am comfortable with the steps that it takes to reach higher levels of income. They improve me, thereby improving my thoughts and actions. Thereby transforming me into a person who deserves to be rich. I Like The New Me!

Charlotte Hutton Writes

If I weren't being paid to do “this”, would I still do “this” as a hobby? My career is elder care—no, I most likely would not look after many more than my mother.

The thought that I may focus on an idea that would have a potential for profit without which there is no way for financial success is a new concept for me. The negativity of the world tries to bully me into believing I can only choose from what it allows and what it approves of. This negativity nearly unwittingly succeeds until I realize I can exercise options of my own choosing.

By the deliberate and applied dance of thinking-followed-by-action, I can begin the journey of my development to the point of freely expressing my creative potential toward the possibilities of financial successes. Yes unpaid, I will model and train and coach people expressly and just for the satisfaction of seeing them soar unfettered, happy and financially free.

Miguel Ducasse Writes

When it comes to being financially independent,  this chapter pretty much explains right from the opening paragraph exactly what I want to tell others when they ask me why is it your doing a home base business that's not making you much money now? I  remember not too long ago there was a time when I thought that working  long hours and earning a pay check weekly was financial independence. I never sat down and actually thought about the little steps that can lead to huge profits in the future. This chapter opened my eyes to seeing the simplicity of how something so little can turn extraordinary! From now on I am going to look at everything I do in my daily activities as a small step that can lead to great achievements in my personal life and of course my financial future.

Brad Schmidt Writes

I have often thought of following in my fathers foot steps he was a truck driver did it make him rich no it did not make him rich. He also lived by the old clich, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “To be rich you have to be a crook”  I often thought about being a truck driver through out the years but I be went to manufacturing then construction back to manufacturing. It’s not much different it has the same poverty state of mind and I even adopted the same clichs.

                                                                        David Geditz Writes

Sometimes everything we want is closer than they appear.  We need to connect with others around us, just don't know their name, but really know who they are.  To succeed, you must find what people want, in other words, if you are peddling a ware you must find the people that want that ware.

Carmen Stern-Blumenhein Writes

My "AHAs" are as follows - Respect yourself emough to know that you deserve what you want By learning to trust that there is plenty of opportunites in the universe this can be realized. I have always had a bit of doubt on the supplly of opportunities in the universse now that doubt no longer has a strong hold on me. liked how Dr. Anthony.

What small jewel did you gain from this masterminding process?

You see when people do read a book, they only do it one time. They just see what the author may have said to them from their own perspective. However, by having like minded people take the time to read the same book at the same time, we ALL benefit from it.  This is what makes being part of the Leaders Only List so great. This is a group of people who are committed to succeeding in life. No whiners allowed!

Remember this, you can only have two things in life - Results and Reasons; Reasons don't count.

Read through this list of items and share your input with the person who may have impacted or added to your understanding of this great book on the next Coaches Corner Training Call.

If you did not add any input, I can only assume that other things are taking priority in your life. That's okay. It's your desire to not do these assignments. Remember, you made a commitment when you joined this Leaders ONLY List before you joined. So now the ball's in your court.

As I have said many times, there are only two things in life - Reasons & Results. Remember that reasons do not count.

To Your Success,

Dave Cones
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